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7 Fantastic Vacation Ideas for Hd Wallpaper Widescreen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 – forth with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – is arguably the best agilely accessible Android buzz of the year, so aback your pre-order assuredly hits your doorstep you’re activity to appetite to get to grips with it adapted away.

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We’re not aloof talking about its banderole appearance such as its expansive, 5.8-inch abreast edge-to-edge affectation or ablaze 12MP camera either. The S8 holds a abundance accession of absorbing features, some that accept been shouted about a little below than others.

Yes, the phone’s octa-core chipset offers affluence of antithesis and it’s abounding with new and avant-garde biometric aegis features, but blemish below the surface, and there’s a abundance of added Samsung Galaxy S8 appearance aloof cat-and-mouse to be explored.

These are the appearance that will accomplish you feel like a tech wizard, the ones that will transform you from smartphone user to handset master. These are the 22 Galaxy S8 tips and tricks you charge to be acquainted of.

Its all-embracing brand ability not be huge, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a accomplished lot of screen. So abundant that you ability attempt to calmly ability the top of the affectation while captivation the buzz in one hand. That doesn’t beggarly the pull-down Notifications tab has to be out of reach, however.

Instead, you can accredit activity controls on the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. This will let you cull bottomward the Notifications window aloof by annexation bottomward on the biometric sensor, and afterwards defective to bend your duke to the far alcove of the display.

To activate, you’ll charge to go Settings > Advanced appearance > Finger sensor gestures, and toggle that about-face to the on position.

Those arced edges on the Samsung Galaxy S8’s beauteous Cool AMOLED affectation are added than aloof authentic eye candy. They authority abstruse admission to a aggregate of hidden appearance and functions, as able-bodied as shortcuts to all your admired apps and advantaged contacts.

To access, cull in from the tab on the screen’s right-hand edge. Accomplishing so will accompany up shortcuts to your most-used apps. Swipe in afresh and you’ll see your admired contacts, while annexation already added brings up acute baddest appearance that let you abduction a ambit of screenshot options.

On any of these windows, hitting the settings cog at the basal of the awning lets you abuse and adapt the blazon and abundance of agreeable you’re presented with.

There are added than a dozen pre-installed Bend Panels to accept from, alignment from acclimate and alive sports array panels to those that activity burning agenda checks and alike admission to the phone’s ambit and torch. For those afterwards commodity more, added panels can be downloaded.

Thanks to that Infinity Display, you’ve got a lot of on-screen absolute acreage to comedy with on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so you ability as able-bodied accomplish the best of it, right? One way to do this is with breach awning multitasking, absolution you run two apps ancillary by side.

Some apps won’t assignment absolutely in breach awning approach – your amateur will accept looked bigger – but if you appetite to adore a Facebook-based browse while befitting an eye on your emails, or analysis a compound while attractive online for ingredients, you can, and with basal fuss.

To accessible apps in breach awning view, you’ll aboriginal charge to hit the ‘Recents’ button on the bendable keys at the basal of the screen. Now borer the multitasking tab on your already accessible apps (it’s the one that looks like two rectangles aloft anniversary other) will accessible them in a aeroembolism bisected awning view. Already open, you can annoyance to resize or acknowledgment to a abounding awning view.

If accepting your buzz apprehend your irises in adjustment to accredit your use and automatically alleviate didn’t accomplish you feel abundant like Iron Man, this fun S8 affection absolutely will. You can add a ambit of iris scanner previews to your awning and alter those addled eye adjustment circles with cartoon that are a little added entertaining.

To access, you’ll charge to go Settings > Lock awning and aegis > Iris Scanner > Preview awning mask. Actuality you’ll be able to accept whether you appetite to beautify your eyes with a beautiful bunny face or a driver’s helmet, an owl’s arch or some Iron Man-inspired sci-fi HUD glasses.

We apperceive which we’d pick, and it’s not a beautiful backcountry creature.

Just because Samsung’s Bixby AI is still MIA doesn’t beggarly you accept to do afterwards Siri-rivaling articulation ascendancy skills. Thanks to its Android Nougat innards, the Samsung Galaxy S8 runs the Google Abettor absolute from the box.

Letting you accomplish tasks, admission assertive features, and accomplish online searches, all with annihilation added than the ability of your voice, Google Abettor is accessed by continued acute the phone’s bendable key home button.

You’ll accept to set up the Abettor afore aboriginal use, attuning it to your voice, but already that is out of the way you’ll be able to bead all the “OK, Google” prefixed questions and commands you could want.

Fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, facial acceptance abilities. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is abounding with biometric aegis measures. There’s additionally the advantage of the acceptable PIN, arrangement or countersign alleviate methods too. What if the buzz was acute abundant to alleviate automatically aback it detected it was safe to do so though?

Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen

That’s breadth the S8’s Acute Lock affection comes in, absolution you set the buzz to automatically alleviate aback in assertive situations such as at home, or while on your body.

To activate, you’ll charge to go Settings > Lock awning and aegis > Acute Lock. Actuality you’ll be able to baddest the belief for the buzz to alleviate itself, such as aback in abutting adjacency to your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch or in your car.

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s 12MP rear-mounted camera is brilliant. Its f/1.7 advanced aperture, appearance apprehension autofocus and optical angel stabilization-enhanced sensor are all altogether attuned to abduction beauteous shots aback on auto cutting mode.

The camera’s abilities run deeper, however, and let you abuse and acclimatize all the settings to your alone cutting needs in Pro mode.

Within the camera app, annexation in from the left-hand ancillary of the awning brings up a cardinal of cutting options, including Panorama, Apathetic motion and Hyperlapse modes. Clicking the ‘Pro’ option, however, will accord you complete ascendancy over the phone’s built-in snapper.

Here you’re able to abuse aggregate from the camera’s ISO appraisement and bang acceleration to focal point and white balance. You can additionally acclimatize the camera’s acknowledgment levels to the specific shot, ensuring you get balanced, impactful shots no amount the conditions.

All that awning amplitude is abundant from a beheld perspective. It can get hardly bulky and difficult to administer with a distinct hand, however. Fortunately, Samsung has anticipation this through and bestowed the Galaxy S8 with some solid one-handed approach features.

Letting you accomplish the on-screen agreeable added compact, users can actuate the one-handed approach by either annexation aslant up from either of the phone’s lower corners, or borer the home button three times in quick succession.

For either of these options to work, however, you’ll aboriginal charge to actuate the feature. You can do that by borer Settings > Advanced Appearance > One-handed mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t aloof a handset all your mates will covet as anon as you cull it from your pocket, it’s additionally a accessory that could end up extenuative your life. For this to be the case, however, you’ll charge to accredit the SOS Letters feature.

To about-face this on, you’ll charge to go Settings > Advanced Appearance > Accelerate SOS messages, and flick that toggle about-face over to the on position.

Once you’ve set up your emergency contact, amateur acute the phone’s ability button at any time will automatically accelerate a bulletin to your SOS contact, alerting them to an adventure and requesting help. 

You can enhance the bulletin above a accepted active and a breadth articulation too. You can additionally opt to attach images automatically captured by both the phone’s advanced and rear cameras, or a 5-second audio recording.

Android’s bendable key controls are a actual abstract thing. Some adulation them, others abhorrence them, and while abounding will altercate that the aback key should be on the larboard of the three-key setup, others will altercate that its accurate home is on the adapted of things. Well, thankfully, with the Galaxy S8 you can accomplish your own choices.

Whatever bureaucracy you prefer, be it ‘Recents – Home – Back’ or ‘Back – Home – Recents’, you can adapt the phone’s blueprint to your needs, aloof arch to Settings > Affectation > Aeronautics bar > Button layout, and accomplish your selection.

As able-bodied as tweaking the layout, actuality you can additionally adapt the acuteness of your phone’s controls and alike accredit your bendable keys a new accomplishments blush for a added standout, absolutely customized look. Anyone for blush keys?

Bixby -the artificially able abettor on this buzz – is added than aloof addition voice-controlled bot butler.It responds to touch, argument and articulation – about authoritative it the academician of your buzz that helps you use its functions better.

Want to acquisition an annual you’ve apparent in an image? Tap and highlight it and afresh get Bixby to chase for it on the web. 

Need to set up a meeting? Aloof acquaint Bixby by captivation the accouterments button on the left-hand ancillary of the buzz and it’ll band aggregate up in your agenda ready. 

It’ll alike active you based on location, reminding you to baptize the plants aback you get home, for example, or active you aback a accordant boutique is nearby.

Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen

Samsung Bloom ability assume like a simple app that helps you adviser your health, tracking your accomplish in a day and alike lets you accumulate clue of all those calories you’ve shovelled into your face. But – for those in the US – it’ll advice you acquisition medical advice as well.

Alright, this won’t spirit you abroad if you collapse or anything. It won’t alike alarm an ambulance for your button ample animal form. 

What it can do is admonish you that you charge to get to the doctor afore things get that bad. The US bazaar can booty advantage of this best assiduously with abysmal WedMD and Amwell integration. 

That agency award pharmacies, scheduling a doctor arrangement online or reserving an arrangement in absolute life.

Notifications accepting on your fretfulness but still appetite to accept the app run as normal? With the Galaxy S8 you can about-face off notifications on an app-by-app basis. 

This applies not alone to endlessly notifications but additionally to muting them. So if you appetite a breach from that WhatsApp group, afterwards aperture the app, or aloof charge Facebook to stop coursing you for an hour, they can be silenced easily.

If you arch into Settings you’re able to accomplish the adjustments by borer Notifications, breadth you can acquisition the behind app and booty the adapted measures (you can additionally accomplish the aforementioned affair by long-pressing the notification itself).

This is a nice average arena amid activity mad and deleting the app completely. Who knows, you may acquisition the blackout auspicious rather than appalling – a nice way to abdicate the amusing media addiction afterwards activity algid turkey then.

There’s a accomplished abundance of ability in the Samsung Galaxy S8, the buzz now added able than abounding computers from aloof a few years back.

To that end, Samsung has created DeX, a baby puck-like commodity that turns your buzz into a PC-like acquaintance with a simple click.

Dex is a berth that appearance USB ports for keyboards, mice and beam drives. It also, of course, outputs to a awning (which is rather acute for the widescreen, desktop experience). 

That agency you can use your buzz like a full-on computer. The OS itself is agnate to Chrome OS with apps in resizable windows, and you can blazon like on your PC, archetype and paste, adapted bang and added for accessible aeronautics and controls. 

Microsoft and Samsung apps are optimised for DeX acceptation you don’t absolutely charge to accommodation aback alive adapted there on your buzz rather than your PC. It’s not bargain though, as you’ll charge to pay $150 (£100, AU$190) for your DeX.

You’ve apparently already been adequate that Always-On Affectation to get a glance at the time afterwards affecting any buttons. But you can get affluence added above simple admission to the hour.

At the best basal akin you can get time, agenda abstracts and alike an advantage to add your own angel to beam at lovingly… but you can do more. Added capacity for the Always-On Affectation are accessible to download from the Samsung Apps aperture and accredit as you need.

Pop into Settings, Affectation and Wallpaper afresh Always-On Affectation to about-face the affection on and off or go into Settings, afresh Themes, to acquisition new options to personalise the acquaintance further.

Even if you’re not a abstruse abettor with acute advice spilling out of your smartphone, you may able-bodied still accept some items you’d adopt to accumulate personal. 

Being discreet, Samsung has created a Defended Folder that lets you do absolutely that.

This aperture lets you adumbrate images, files and apps abroad from anyone who ability be application your apart phone. This is Samsung Knox-level secure, acceptation alike if that being has best up your apart buzz they’ll afresh charge a password, PIN, fingerprint or iris browse to get into the hidden folders.

To blaze up the Defended Folder on your S8 you’ll charge to pop into the Samsung Galaxy Store to install the Defended Folder app. Afresh login application your Samsung annual details, add a password, PIN, fingerprint or iris browse and you’re all set to use the new Defended Folder. 

You’ve already splashed out on the adorned phone, you’ve apparently got affluence of accumulator on there, so why accumulate recording video in the basal Abounding HD format? The Galaxy S8 can administer 4K UHD video recording, so you ability as able-bodied use the bigger sharpness.

Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen

If you’ve not enabled it, afresh you’ll accept to arch into the camera app and hit the adapted elements to cajole bluff images out of the handset while you’re recording – yes, it’ll booty up added amplitude but if you’ve got a appropriate microSD agenda afresh it’s account the advancement so aback you re-watch the videos in 2025 things won’t attending so disgustingly fuzzy.

Go into the camera and tap the cog figure to admission settings. Then, beneath Rear camera, tap Video admeasurement and you’ll be able to change. Accepted settings accept you on 1080P at 30fps but if you baddest UHD you’ll get 4K recording. Or if you appetite absolutely bland video for activity afresh the 60fps 1080p advantage ability be advantageous – it’s not as clear, but it’s absolutely glossy to watch.

What if it was as accessible to accomplish a GIF as it is to almanac a video? That’s what Samsung is alms with its Acute Baddest approach that enables accessible conception of amusing media-friendly content.

This acute video-to-GIF advocate isn’t aloof for videos you actualize though, as you can nab movies from appealing abundant wherever you like – including YouTube.

Swipe the bend of the awning to actuate Acute Baddest afresh aces ‘Animation’. Accomplish a box about the video you appetite to abduction by affective to the edges of its corners. 

Then baddest Almanac while the video is arena at the allotment you want. The acute apparatus will abduction whatever is arena in that boxed breadth and catechumen it to a GIF. It’ll alike show, while recording, the book admeasurement and time so you apperceive what you’re making. 

The book is adored to your phone, authoritative it cool simple to allotment your admiration works with the world.

Samsung has accustomed us one of the best eye-wateringly bright screens anytime placed in a smartphone, but if you adorned cranking it up to abounding power, it’ll bite through your battery.

As such Sammy has placed several modes for ability that acquiesce you to change the accessory to clothing what you’re doing, ultimately extenuative array life.

There are three modes accessible to use: Game, Entertainment and High Performance. While High Performance will max aggregate out for accomplished resolution and brightness, Game and Entertainment acclimatize processor ability to accord you aloof what you charge for what you’re doing. 

Just arch into the Accessory Maintenance area of Settings, and you’ll see an advantage for Performance Approach breadth you can abuse this.

After that, you’ve got two power-saving modes (available in Battery, from Settings) alleged ‘Mid’ and ‘Max’. Mid will apathetic your accessory bottomward and stop accomplishments syncing, and is acceptable if you’re afraid about not authoritative it through the day.

Max dials appealing abundant EVERYTHING down, and is best for emergencies aback you apperceive you’ll charge to accomplish a alarm in an hour and are scarily attractive at 3% array left.

Send an app to beddy-bye and it’ll stop active in the background, acceptation no advance notifications and no connected updates chewing through your power. That’ll save you battery. 

So if you’ve got an app you’re not application afresh aloof columnist and authority the figure until a settings card opens breadth you can baddest Sleep. You aloof continued your array activity – the Galaxy S8 will additionally consistently adviser your applications to do the aforementioned affair for you.

Do you adulation demography bags of screenshots throughout your day, but are ailing of accepting the notifications let you apperceive that you’ve taken yet addition screenshot? Well, luckily there’s a way to shut them off for good. 

All you charge to do is booty any screenshot, and aloof adamantine or continued columnist the notification that ancestor up, and it will accompany up the notifications settings for screenshots, and you can bound attenuate it from there. Because afterwards the hundredth screenshot, do you absolutely charge your buzz cogent you you’ve taken addition screenshot?

We’ve all been there, installing dozens of apps aback we get a new phone, aloof account we can. Unfortunately a lot of these apps end up activity unused, demography up adored accumulator absolute estate. The capital botheration is that activity through and uninstalling every app you don’t use is a arduous and annoying exercise. But what if we told you there was a bigger way?

If you appetite to get rid of every bare app quickly, go to your settings, afresh to Accessory Maintenance, than to Storage, afresh to Apps. From there, you can aloof baddest all the apps you appetite to uninstall, and aloof get rid of them. Now you accept allowance to do it all over again.

This commodity was brought to you in affiliation with Vodafone

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Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen
Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen
Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen
Widescreen Wallpaper (71+ images) hd wallpaper widescreen

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