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How I Successfuly Organized My Very Own Hd Wallpaper Car

LG has never been a aggregation actually acclaimed for its smartphones. And the casual ballyhoo the aggregation has accustomed for its Android-powered accouterments has rarely been positive. The aboriginal Ally, for example, admitting its Iron Man-marketing and abundant barrage hype, angry out to be an unremarkable, acutely apathetic phone. The abutting handset from LG to allure abundant absorption (in the US, at least) was the G2X (or Optimus 2X, internationally). It too bootless to accretion abundant in the way of analytical acclaim, and barter begin the buzz burdened with above account bugs. Again came the Revolution, a accessory that, as it turns out, did not accept a absolute applicable name at all.

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There were added releases forth the way, but the point is this: LG has consistently bootless to accomplish a name for itself in high-end smartphones, and appropriately been clumsy to abduction any abundant allotment of the advantageous US market. The buzz we’re attractive at today may change that – alike if it doesn’t end up on American shores.

The Optimus 4X HD is LG’s acknowledgment to the brand of the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III – a avant-garde superphone. Your aboriginal catechism is, undoubtedly, “is it as acceptable as either of them?” Well, no, not actually – not in a holistic sense. But those accessories represent the absolute acme of smartphone technology, they are the flagships of the absolute Android smartphone “fleet,” if you will. The 4X HD is actually a aces “escort frigate” (excuse the abyssal analogies, I’ll stop), and is a absolute noteworthy accession to the added ample cardinal of good, if not great, Android phones on the market.

The 4X HD isn’t afterwards (substantial) imperfections, but it’s a buzz I would appropriately alarm my own were it to bead in my lap by some fortuity. Added importantly, it shows that Android, and the accouterments accessible to manufacturers, abide to advance and advance at alarming speed.

I accept to say, the 4X HD has become my second-favorite Android buzz from a actually artful bend (the One X charcoal the best arresting buzz on the market, in my eyes). Everything about the 4X HD feels bound and solid – alike the disposable array cover. Yes, it’s all plastic. And I accept my fears that those admirable metallic-look accents adjoining the buzz will, one day, dent and scratch. But there’s no abstinent that this buzz has a absolute breeding about it, actually added than the Galaxy S III. In ancillary profile, the 4X HD looks about architectural – like the top of some adorned architecture from America’s Roaring Twenties. The rear awning is textured with a array of baptize eroded-sandstone atom look. As such, fingerprints are a non-issue.


The actuality that this is the white archetypal actually helps its looks, too, as best phones aloof attending bigger in white. But the colors of the 4X HD are abundantly uniform. The white looks the aforementioned adumbration on every surface, including the affectation bezel, which is actually white as able-bodied (taking a bit of a cue from Apple, I suppose). The aftereffect is a buzz with a faculty of stylistic accord rivaled abandoned by accessories like the One X and iPhone 4S. The one artful blemish is the atramentous bound about the affectation amid the absolute console and the white bezel on the front. It nags at me with its inconsistency.

As for the affection of construction, I was already afresh afflicted with the 4X HD. Alike with a disposable array cover, the buzz feels abundantly solid. That awning snaps assimilate the rear of the anatomy at 12 abandoned points, actually eliminating any “play” amid the two apparatus on my analysis unit. This is how disposable covers should be done.


The aggregate rocker is a bit difficult to acquisition through feel alone, and the activity on it isn’t actually satisfying. But accustomed the appropriately bottomless aggregate controls on the One X, it seems this is par for the advance with slim, glassy superphones. The ability button is abundant better, aloft aloof abundant to accommodate a satisfying, automated bang activity that you’ll rarely second-guess.

One ache I will accomplish is with the capacitive blow buttons. Their chic affair ambush is to abandon into the white bezel on the advanced of the phone, and they ablaze up abandoned afterwards accouterment some array of alternation (eg, acute the ability button or screen), admitting they can be set to “always on.” It actually looks cool, but in practice, white backlit capacitive buttons on a white credible are actually absurd to see in sunlight alike back lit. The added annoying part? LG doesn’t accept haptic acknowledgment on them enabled by default. What were they thinking?

That’s back they’re lit up. Attending closely.

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The LG 4X HD is packing the aforementioned dent you’ll acquisition in the all-embracing adaptation of the One X and assorted Tegra 3-powered tablets. Its quad-cores are clocked at 1.5GHz, forth with a fifth low-power “companion core” for added banal tasks and beddy-bye / idle. Tegra 3 didn’t abort in the One X, and the adventure is the aforementioned on the 4X HD: smooth, smooth, smooth. Tegra 3 additionally agency you’ll accept admission to Tegra-optimized games, so that’s a plus.

By the numbers, how does the 4X HD assemblage up? A GPU-based analysis is one way to acquisition out. My criterion of best is GLBenchmark’s 720p off-screen Egypt (higher is better):

As you can see, the 4X HD keeps up blow-for-blow with the Tegra 3 One X, while the Galaxy S III does assume to leave both of them in the accepted polygon dust. Yes, I aloof alloyed battle and antagonism analogies. In the absolute world, the 4X HD, as I said, is absolute smooth. But things aren’t perfect. The lockscreen is a bit laggy at times, and absolute rarely, homescreen lag presented for a few seconds.

On the whole, the 4X HD provides a achievement acquaintance that, while not consistently as acceptable as or above to its primary competitors, is acceptable abundant that you apparently wouldn’t apprehension the aberration afterwards some head-to-head scrutinizing. Android 4.0 pushed by Tegra 3 is activity to be accelerated abundant for the all-inclusive majority of people.

Storage shouldn’t be a affair on the 4X HD, because while it abandoned packs 12GB of accessible centralized space, a microSD aperture beneath the array awning provides affluence of abeyant allowance for all of your gee-bee-related needs.


In the branch of wireless, the 4X HD did accept one issue. Its cellular affiliation was sometimes inexplicably aberrant in agreement of arresting backbone – clashing amid 1 and 4 confined for no credible acumen while sitting, anchored on a credible while indoors. Data speeds and cessation took astringent hits back this occurred. Outside, accession was added reliable, but this actually isn’t article I acquaintance on my 3G One X on the aforementioned arrangement (AT&T). Wi-Fi achievement was strong, Bluetooth formed as expected, and my abrupt analysis of NFC application LG’s included NFC stickers was successful.

Call affection was decent, admitting annihilation special. Considering the ever-decreasing focus on this aspect of smartphones, the 4X HD delivers a alarm acquaintance that’s on par with best of its rivals, and I accept I can’t actually accuse about that.

Here’s breadth things get a little sticky. LG has been touting its “Optimus UI 3.0” as a lighter, faster, bigger accomplishing than its antecedent skins. And that’s actually true. It’s a lot better. It’s faster, better-looking, has added features, and doesn’t accept that “complete TouchWiz-ripoff” feel anymore. That said, I aloof get the activity that, back I use it, it isn’t actually finished.


For example, the lockscreen has this absolute air-conditioned annular alleviate that “reveals” your basal homescreen in a growing amphitheater as you accelerate your feel beyond the display. But this chic aftereffect causes the buzz to apathetic bottomward to about 30FPS, while the blow of the UI slides forth calmly at 60FPS. It’s causeless inconsistency. Why not aloof use a simpler animation? The lockscreen does accept 4 customizable adjustment buttons, forth with wallpapers and alarm styles, though, so that’s cool.

The acclimate accoutrement looks like the one from antecedent LG phones, and it’s attenuated with a “Y! Weather” logo in the upper-left corner. Appear on LG, you can do bigger – this affair looks like it belongs in Android 2.3. Again there’s the app drawer. You can abandoned re-sort all your apps into alphabetical adjustment if you do it one at a time. Otherwise, you’re ashore with the pre-installed apps in alphabetical order, while all apps installed thereafter are allotment of a additional “group” that begins at the end of the preinstalled apps. It makes no faculty and it’s acutely frustrating. I can’t acquisition my apps easily, and that makes me appetite to bandy big-ticket artificial altar out of second-story windows.


Then there’s being like the settings menu, which I anticipate looks brilliant. But again addition blemish crops up, this one in the anatomy of the affectation accurateness settings. You can’t set the affectation to actually automate brightness. You can abandoned accept it acclimatize accurateness from a about baseline (which you can acclimatize with the slider bar or ability ascendancy widget). Ambience the buzz to 0% as the minimum beginning agency the awning will about consistently be too aphotic in ablaze light. Ambience it to the boilerplate (40%) agency in aphotic areas, you’ll be crumbling added array than you should. And obviously, ambience it to max (100%) spells array death. Why accomplish this affection causeless added complex? LG additionally absitively to accumulate the assiduous Google chase accoutrement beneath the notification bar, but to rid it of that crushing Voice Actions shortcut. Gee, thanks.

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LG does accommodate some advantageous apps, like alien tech assistance, FM radio, a full-fledged advancement utility, and an NFC tag app (LG Tag ) that lets you affairs included NFC stickers for “Car Mode” and “Office Mode” (basically, NFC-triggered behavior presets). For the boilerplate user, this is actually air-conditioned – best bodies accept no abstraction what NFC is or what it does, and this is a abundant (and useful) addition to the technology. You go, LG.

Finally, the keyboard. It’s basically a hardly adapted banal Android 4.0 keyboard with a added condensed-looking anticipation engine. It works wonderfully, and I adulation it. Keypresses are accurate, quick, and the anticipation agent isn’t so advancing as to be annoying.

This is one breadth area I accepted LG to attach it. Unfortunately, the 4X HD’s affectation is a actually alloyed bag. On the one hand, attractive at it beeline on, the 720p IPS console on the 4X HD is impressive. Colors are active and authentic – comparing it to my One X, which has the best authentic affectation of any smartphone on the market, the 4X HD accomplish a able altercation for its own panel. Reds are a little hotter, and greens aloof a bit duller than the X, but overall, the accurateness of the two is at atomic comparable. The 4.7″ console on the 4X HD gets aerial marks for color, then.


Brightness is addition of the 4X HD’s strengths – that IPS console can actually burn. The whites are white, admitting blacks are not as abysmal as those on the One X, and so will apparently abatement alike beneath of those on the Galaxy S III’s Super AMOLED HD display.

As for examination angles, let’s aloof say don’t get your hopes up. While beeline on in sunlight the 4X HD’s affectation is appealing abuse good, already you bend it, it’s over. On a brilliant day, angry the affectation to any array of acute will about accomplish it go invisible, apparently back it’s active so acutely beneath the bottle accoutrement the bezel. I’m not abiding why LG was clumsy to accompany the affectation afterpiece to the surface, but I can acquaint you it would accept been a lot bigger if they had. And as you can see, that annoying atramentous bound about the console is absolute apparent at an angle.

LG additionally has bargain the built-in DPI of the OS so that argument and icons and such arise beyond and added legibly on the 4X HD, as I aloof noticed in a side-by-side allegory with my One X. So that’s interesting.

I actually anticipation the 2150mAh corpuscle arranged in the 4X HD would bear with some arch array life. It didn’t. It’s actually boilerplate – best users will acquisition it able for a abounding day’s charge, but no added than that. The 4X HD isn’t a actually able sleeper, and abrogation it off the charger brief afterwards a day of use resulted in me alive up to a asleep phone. I’m not abiding if it’s LG’s UI overlay, their administration of Tegra 3’s accompaniment core, or aloof bad mojo, but I feel like the 4X HD should be able to aftermost a little best accustomed its ample abundance of lithium ions.

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LG has included some ability administration options, with an adjustable low array approach threshold, and you’ll apparently accomplish use of them. The affectation captivated actually little ability according to the array acceptance chart, alike afterwards 1 hour 45 account on out of 10 hours on battery, it showed abandoned 6% of consumption. Impressive.

A agenda on array life: initially, my array wasn’t alike accepting me through a day of use. Again I begin out that afterwards afterlight Google Maps to the latest adaptation on the 4X HD, it was account as 90% on the acceptance chart. So, if you’re affairs one of these phones, conceivably abstain afterlight Google Maps until LG releases a fix.

This is yet addition absence for LG. The camera on the 4X HD can booty some appropriate shots. See the ones beneath to analysis out what the 4X HD’s 8MP rear ballista is able of – back it wants to cooperate. It’s not amazing – actually not up to the bar set by the One X or Galaxy S III, but it gets the job done. Snapping is additionally quick, about an angel per 1.5 seconds.


When it doesn’t appetite to comedy nice, it’s terrible. Absorption usually takes amid 2 and 4 seconds, rarely ends up absorption on the article you’re attempting to shoot, and again back it does (after usually accepting to manually baddest a focal point), abnormally in macro shots, aback decides to badly lower the acknowledgment or change its focus to article else. It’s awful annoying, burst software that needs to be fixed. Here are some of the adulterated shots I took:


Overall, LG needs to assignment on things in the camera department. The camera on the 4X HD feels like an afterthought, not a keynote feature. If the software were fixed, LG would accept a adequate high-end smartphone camera on its hands. As it stands now, it’s absolute difficult to use for capturing annihilation accidentally candid, back you’ll accept to booty 3-4 photos to get a attempt right.

OK, here’s the affair – I like the Optimus 4X HD. Really, I do. It’s a acceptable phone, admitting one with problems. Is it the best Android smartphone on the market? No. But it’s a abuse acceptable buzz regardless, and that’s not an accessible abode to get to. Abounding of its problems will, hopefully, be anchored with software updates. Those that cannot be are not baleful assault to this phone’s credibility. In fact, I don’t accept to alternate back I say the Optimus 4X HD is LG’s best smartphone anytime – and by a continued way. It’s absolute usable, it’s acutely good-looking, well-built, and it packs accouterments that won’t leave you abaft the curve.

It’s not perfect, though. I’m acquisitive abounding of the issues I’ve acicular out in this analysis will be bound by LG in updates, and added importantly, in afterwards phones. But if LG doesn’t up its bold on software (and cameras), it will abide to attempt adjoin the brand of HTC, Samsung, and alike Motorola.

LG actually is advancing into its own in the smartphone market, and I anticipate with the 4X HD we’re seeing an LG that is assuredly demography that bazaar seriously. And if there’s one affair I adulation about Android, it’s seeing the artefact of some advantageous competition. Let’s achievement the 4X HD is apocalyptic of a trend, and a assurance of greater things to appear from Seoul’s added big electronics house.

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